Business Name Numerology

Business Name

You have discovered a great business idea in the area of your interest! You have toiled hard and got all ideas in place for your startup. Then you take the first step of your plan of action, naming the company! You are trying to come up with the probable names for your company and can’t seem to like any completely. There is a feeling something doesn’t quite add up!
Relax and sit back while we take care of naming your company for you. We shall add positivity from all possible angles to add that extra luck factor to your business. That’s why, numerology is one of the important things we keep in mind while finding a great name for your startup.
Interestingly, numerologists say most of the successful companies in the world are numerologically blessed. Well, nobody for sure knows whether the founders of these companies considered numerology! However, surprisingly, these company names are found to be compatible with founders’ dates of birth. One can observe common trends in those names and numerology.

Here are some basic details to understand numerology and naming. Every number has different meaning to it.

Number 1: This number is all about leadership. If you are starting a unique pioneering business concept, this could be the number for you.

Number 2: This number is about creativity. This is suitable for businesses involved in creative writing, designing, and even marketing.

Number 3: This good for social service NGOs, teaching, art.

Number 4: This is good for entertainment businesses like music bands, astrology, construction companies.

Number 5: This is for research related companies like medicine, biotechnology, also entertainment.

Number 6: This number gives good results for all birth dates. Gives best results if the founder’s birth number/life path number is 6. This is also suitable for all types of industries.

Number 7: This number is good for hospitals, communication, e-commerce. Use this number only if your life path number is 7.

Number 8: This is good for banking, investing, insurance, real estate sectors.

Number 9: This number is good for fiction is good for fiction book writers, success coaches. In fact, there is a long list of big companies for this number.

In a nutshell, when we help you, we take the above details along with your date of birth, business sector into consideration, and complete the naming process in a holistic manner. We are happy to inform you that we have included this package for free in our Brand kit. Feel free to contact us for further queries.