How to Choose the Best Logo for Your Startup?


It’s quite normal for us to be oblivious to the interesting fact that how omnipresent logos are in the real world. Literally, we are surrounded by them. Whether you are making tea in the kitchen, while walking on the street, they are there, silently bleating and trying to create a strong perception in your mind. Before we go any further, kudos to you on starting your own new venture! I’m pretty sure you are here to find out the best suitable logo for your brand, or you may be a designer researching new ideas. Let us discuss types of logos and find out the best one for your requirements.

Wordmark (aka Logotype) These logos are made only using the name text of the company. This is a very simple and effective type of logo design. However, these logos are only suitable for the companies with short and catchy names. Importance is given more to the font style and color combination. This type of logo gives instant strong brand recognition. Popular examples are Google, Amul, Cipla, Infosys, and Godrej.

Lettermark logo (aka Monogram) In the event that it’s effortlessness you’re after, this is the logotype to go for. This is particularly obvious on the off chance that you have a long brand name with multiple words. This logotype encourages you to use a structure utilizing only a couple of letters. Usually it has just a few letters acronyms for the entire company name. TCS, HP, and HCL are some great examples.

Combination logos Combination logos are incredible for new organizations who need the advantages of both a one of a kind typography and a remarkable image. Versatility is an incredible part of Combination logo. We think the Combination logo is an incredible alternative for new brands as they set out on their logo designing. Adidas, Red Bull, Adobe, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, and Rolex are some of the long list.

Mascot (aka Character Logos) The mascots are normally utilized for video games, food brands and sports clubs as they bring positive and friendly feelings to the fans or buyers. These logos are incredible for organizations focusing on families or kids. Some of the examples are KFC, Michelin Man by Michelin Tyres, Cool Aid, Mickey Mouse by Disney, Mr. Monopoly by Monopoly game, Mario by Nintendo games, cheetah by Cheetos, The Pillsbury Doughboy.

Abstract Logos The specialty of these logos is their uniqueness. These non-representational logos are incredible for most enterprises. Sports, and merchandise brands use them, since it is easy for them to put them on their products. Usually these companies invest a lot in advertising. Once these images reach the masses through advertising, they will remain in the minds forever. These types of logos can be used if you don’t want exact representation of your product. Some of great examples are Nike, Mitsubishi, NGC, Audi, and Mercedes Benz.

Pictorial Logos These logos are pictorial images or icons literally depicting the brand name. However, they may not indicate the type of the industry. These logos also need massive scale advertising to reach to the masses. On the downside, they are very difficult to copyright. Some of the very popular examples are Apple, Twitter, Crocodile, Jaguar, Puma, Woodland, and Batman logo.

Emblems These are vintage logos probably the oldest form of logos there are. Usually educational institutes, sports governing bodies, government departments, and pubs use them, and there are some famous exceptions in automobile industry. These logos are complex and have lots of fine details conveying tradition and longevity. Some interesting examples are Warner Bros Pictures, BCCI, NFL, Harvard, Webster, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Harley Davidson, GE, Starbucks, Ferrari, and Superman logo.

One last thought Make a checklist of application of logo, audience, competition, and type of your product. Compare and match your checklist with the above types to narrow it down to one. We are sure you will be torn between at least two choices!! Well, that sure is a great fun thing about this process. To conclude, one great thing about choosing a logo is you will be spoiled for choice. It will be a great fun process to obtain that one thing which will define your brand in the years to come. We highly suggest you to have a close look at all examples we have listed above. It certainly helps you in deciding the type of logo that defines your brand identity best. There are no hard and fast rules, as there are always some great exceptions. Go and fire your creativity on all cylinders and let that iconic logo flow out, to set you out on a memorable journey of your brand creation.